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How To Get Through a Breakup

we get it

breaking up is hard

Whether you’re the one initiating the breakup or you’re on the receiving end, change can feel pretty darn weird and tough to handle.

If you’re the one getting broken up with, trust us, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, uncertain, and devastated. The ending of a relationship can leave you feeling like a part of you got ripped away or having to mourn the loss of not just the relationship but potentially even the friends you made through your ex.

On the flip side, if you’re the one doing the breaking up or if it was a mutual decision, your emotions might range from feeling liberated to carrying some guilt or sadness about the so-called “failed” relationship. But listen: no relationship is a total failure, especially if you take away valuable lessons from the experience. And if your relationship was toxic or abusive, it might take time to heal and rediscover your self-love superpowers.

No matter where you find yourself on this journey, it’s all good. Your feelings are valid, and it’s totally fine to not be fine right now. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you’re feeling and take things at your own pace. You got this! Remember, it’s okay to not be okay.

Moving On

Alright, let’s dive into this breakup journey together! Whether you or your partner called it quits, remember that the decision was made because both of you couldn’t grow anymore in that relationship. It’s totally normal to go through different stages of grief after such a major breakup in your life.

Breaking up can bring a sense of loss, but guess what? It can also bring a whole lot of joy and independence. Embrace the freedom that comes with the end of a relationship and allow yourself to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Don’t rush the healing process, y’all. It’s alright if it takes time to fully accept that the relationship has ended and to move on. Use this time to learn more about yourself, hang out with your squad, and do things that bring you pure joy.

Having someone to talk to during this transitional period can be a game-changer. Find that person you trust—whether it’s a friend, fam member, counselor, or mental health pro—and let them in on your feelings. Remember, you’re not alone in this.

Now, let’s dive into some ways you can support yourself through this transition and find your groove again.

Staying Busy

Stay Busy

After a breakup, it’s crucial to keep your spirits up and your mind occupied. Engaging in activities you love can help take your focus off the break-up and bring some positive vibes back into your life.

Why not kick it with your squad, dive into a captivating book, hit the pavement for a run or walk, or vibe to your favorite tunes? The key is to stay active and do things that bring you joy.

If you’re hungry for more ideas on staying busy and coping with this new chapter, check out our articles “Express Yourself: Healthy Ways to Express Your Emotions” and “Developing Coping Strategies.” They’re packed with awesome tips and tricks to help you navigate this transition like a boss.

Try Something New

When it comes to bouncing back after a breakup, making a fresh start can be super empowering. So why not spice things up and try something totally different?

There might be a rad class you’ve been eyeing, like drama, art, or yoga. Or maybe you’re itching to dive into a new sport and unleash your inner athlete. Learning new skills is an epic way to reconnect with yourself after a breakup. Not only does it give you a chance to grow, but it also serves as a healthy distraction to shift your focus away from the pain.

Embrace the opportunity to explore uncharted territories and find what sets your soul on fire by stepping into a world of exciting possibilities. So go ahead, take that class, join that team, and watch yourself rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the past. This is your time to shine!

Look After Yourself

Fueling your body with a healthy diet and staying active can work wonders for your well-being. And guess what? It’s totally cool to treat yourself to something special along the way. Indulge in activities that bring you joy and make your heart sing.

Oh, and here’s a pro tip: check in with yourself, fam. Take a moment to evaluate the balance (or imbalance) in your life now that you’re single. It’s all about finding that sweet spot and ensuring you’re nurturing all areas of your life.

To dive deeper into this wellness check-in journey, head over to “The 7 Dimensions of Wellness” and get ready to explore new dimensions of self-care and personal growth. It’s time to unleash your full potential!

Welcome Positivity Into Your Life

Time to embrace the positive vibes and empower yourself post-breakup. Reflect on your achievements, cherish your friends, and enjoy the things you love. Think about the doors that have opened since the relationship ended. Engage in activities that make you feel independent and empowered. Stay upbeat and rock your unique potential! We believe in you!

Recognize It's Okay To Be Sad

No matter the circumstances or who initiated the break-up, it’s completely valid to feel sadness over the end of a shared journey. Relationships involve giving a part of ourselves, so it’s natural to face an adjustment period without that person to talk to or share experiences with. It’s okay to grieve and acknowledge the changes.

Engaging in journaling or introspective conversations with yourself allows you to be present with these emotions and helps you reframe the situation in a more positive light.

Talk With Someone You Trust

Reaching out for support when a relationship is ending can be a game-changer in handling your emotions. Don’t hesitate to talk it out with your squad, parents, a teacher, school counselor, fam, or anyone else you trust. They can help you process your feelings and find your way through.

We all have our own ways of coping, like bottling up our emotions to deal with the stress. But here’s the deal: if opening up to others feels tough, you can try expressing yourself through videos or pouring your thoughts into a journal. Trust us, it’s better to face and process those feelings in the long run rather than keeping them locked away.

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Lean on your crew, express yourself, and embrace the healing process. Your emotions matter, so let’s give them the attention they deserve!

It's Okay To Be Single

We promise! It’s okay to be single, and it can even be fun. Just give yourself time. Learn the art of becoming your own cheerleader and bestie because, whether you’re in a relationship or not, you’ve always got yourself by your side.

Embrace this time to dive deep into self-discovery and explore who you truly are. YOU ARE WORTH IT.

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