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McKenah Skinner

“My name is McKenah Skinner. I am 17 years old, and I do art for a living. I first started doing this hobby when I was about 10 or 11 years. Maybe 12. But when I did, I just never stopped doing so. Today, I am still at it. And soon, will be doing a career of my own for the future. 

But I don’t just do art. I even write novels in my spare time. Some about to be published soon for the future. Whenever that day comes, I’ll be ready for it.”


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No bad vibes here. This is a space to relax, have fun, and get support if you need it. Trolls and haters need not apply.

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Join us as we play on Apex Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch, and some old-school games too!

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Youth ERA is dedicated to helping youth and young adults navigate the challenges they face, and that's what we are bringing to Twitch. Say hello in the chat, ask questions, and be prepared for authentic conversations.

[For Youth, By Youth]

Youth Empowerment by Youth ERA is a mental health platform designed for youth and young adults to share their experiences, connect over what is really important to them, and find resources to help them conquer the challenges they face affecting their mental health. It is our goal to uplift and empower the next generation by giving them the tools they need to not only SURVIVE, but to THRIVE.



We have developed a list of crisis helplines for all the counties of Oregon, as well as major national helplines assisting in suicide prevention, LGBTQIA+ issues, domestic violence, veteran assistance, and more.



All of our content has been written or made by youth. This is a platform for youth and young adults to share their experiences, tips & tricks for dealing with mental health challenges, creative outlets they use to cope with, and to empower each other through authenticity.



Sometimes you just wanna do it yourself, and that's cool. Take your power back into your hands and learn how to manage the emotions that surface and the situations you find yourself in. You can do this!